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Match amicaux - part 2

Ce samedi 27 novembre se sont disputés quelques matchs amicaux en prélude du championnat national qui débutera vraisemblablement dans 02 semaines.

Buffalo Rugby vs B.I.R (Bataillon d’intervention Rapide) 00 - 03
léopard Rugby vs R.C.L (Rugby Club du Littoral)   08 - 06
Gladiators Rugby vs R.C.D (Rugby Club de Douala) 00 -00

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3/4 Wing - rôle and morphology

Winger is a station of Rugby to XV. We finds two wingers in a team and the holders generally carry the numbers 11 and 14 (wingers left and right). It is a player belonging to the three-quarters.

The wingers are located at the end of the line of attack. Their main offensive role is to conclude the action initiated by three-quarters. These are finishers and generally better markers test team. The wingers are often the fastest players on their team. Indeed, in this post, speed is paramount because it must allow them to infiltrate into the space not occupied to mark a test, some wingers are even capable of running the 100 m in less than 11 seconds. Offensive phase, they must not confine itself to their wings and can go on the other side to create some excesses to pass defense. If they are particularly known for their marked tests, they must be of good defenders and platers to defend their counterparts but also to prevent the keys (to the extent possible) that allow the opponent to occupy the land.

Because of the isolation of the wingers in the line of attack, players playing in this position have less direct challenge opponents. For a long time, their power not requested, is especially speed determined player in this position. The tenure of heavier and extremely powerful players like the New Zealand Jonah Lomu (which weighed up to 118 kg and run the 100 m in less than 11 seconds) in this post, in the 1990s, has significantly changed the profile type of wing. Now, modern wing has often tended to be both fast and strong, as are often originating in Tonga, Samoa, which exploit then their inertia can no longer be stopped once Islands players launched. Jonah Lomu was the most striking example of this new type of winger, symbolizing the transformations involved passing professional rugby. It remains more modest stencil wingers more playing on their tone and their supporters into small spaces like Shane Williams and Vincent Clerc.

some 3/4 wings: ikoun Hyppolite (Marcassins rugby player)

Njakwedi jean (Marcassins rugby player)

* the average 3/4 wing morphology professional of french championship is 1.82 m - 88 kg

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Lexicon of Rugby / Full Back - role and morphology

Suite aux nombreuses sollicitations des rugbymen des régions Anglophones, je vous propose de redécouvrir le lexique du rugby version anglais.


Full back is a Rugby Union. There is a back by team, who typically wears number 15.

It is the last bulwark before line hit but it should not be limited to only defensive tasks and must have molted attacking. There often indented to approve balls hit to the foot by the opposing team but it can make its contribution to the offensive team bringing the redundant: it said that it "fits" in line with three quarters. Tactically, its position is important because, by its position, he saw all players and is therefore best placed to give guidance to the other three quarters.

Players playing in this post are generally larger than the wingers but less than the forwards including to intervene upon receipt of the candles. Their running speed must also allow them to be the last rampart on opposing three-quarters attack happened the first curtain. Intelligence game and the equanimity are particularly important for this position because the rear is obliged to intervene as last Defender (to identify key under adverse pressure or a candle) but also as first raiser when he decided to re-launch the hand for a counterattack or use the game at the foot. Have a good kick is therefore necessary to position both defensive offensive phase. In some teams, the back can also type penalties and transformations, usually half-open task. Because of the multiplicity of the functions of his post, there may be multiple profiles back. Some players specialize in set foot in the image of Percy Montgomery or Gavin Hastings, others on the reminder by hand as Christian Cullen, and others have a very complete profile in all areas of gaming. The role requiring mastery of all aspects of the role of three-quarters back, it is not uncommon that rear changing to other positions in his career. Similarly, some players evolve back after having played at other positions in line with three quarters. Some rear are therefore sometimes with half opening converted (often having a good game to the foot and a better vision of the game) or wingers (whose speed is requested on the reminders) as Christian Cullen or Jeff Wilson even centers repositioned, often providing a larger physical size on the veneers) such as Matt Burke and Gareth Thomas.


Some Full back Cameroon Championship: Moussoume J-C (Marcassins rugby player)


* Average morphology of professional Full back of the French Championship is 1.82 m - 86 kg

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Résultats match amicaux

En attendant le début du championnat national (le calendrier des matchs est encore attendu) ; quelques matchs amicaux se sont disputés samedi 20-11-2010.

CRUD (Club rugby de l’Université de Douala) vs. RCL (Rugby Club du Littoral)    03 – 00

Elephants rugby vs. Leopards Rugby   08 – 00

Gladiators Rugby vs. Union Rugby de Bilongue   03 - 03

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Le CRUD (Club Rugby de l'Université de Douala) sur la toile.



Après Marcassins rugby de bonaberi, La blogosphère rugby du Cameroun s’enrichit avec l’arrivée d’un club ambitieux qui a compris qu’il faut suivre l’évolution du monde et des nouvelles technologies. Message aux autres qui trainent encore le pas !


recopiez le lien et collez-le dans un moteur de recherche





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Stats octobre 2010 - 3487 visites

De retour après une longue absence pour cause de maladie, Avec beaucoup de retard voici les stats incroyable du mois d’octobre et croyez-mois la courbe est loin de se rabaisser. Les stats ont grimpé à 3487 visites soit une moyenne de 112 visites/jour.

L’Article le plus consulté est la liste des joueurs retenus pour le tournoi CAR ; la journée du 27 octobre a connu une affluence de 158 visites.

L’actualité du rugby au Cameroun est marquée par le report du tournoi final de la CAR pour une date ulterieure, tournoi auquel doit prendre part le Cameroun. Force est de constater que la Confédération Africaine de Rugby bat de l’aile en ce moment.

Le championnat de rugby sera officiellement engagé le 27 Novembre 2010 et Chez les joueurs de Marcassins rugby, la sérénité et l’ardeur au travail sont perceptible. Les joueurs bénéficient des conseils techniques et tactiques de l’ex-international Béranger Kamguem.



(beranger-au centre)


Je ne saurais terminer sans avoir une pensée pour tous ceux aujourd’hui disparus qui ont flirtés de près ou de loin avec la famille rugby. Une pensée à Japhet Sandie ancien président de la ligue régionale du littoral. Une pensée aussi à Kamgue Olivier Rostand ‘’kazer’’ : joueur (talonneur) de gorille rugby club d’ebolowa ; décédé le 23 septembre 2010 de suite d’un accident de circulation. Aux familles de ces disparus, nous adressons nos sincères condoléances.


kamgue olivier.JPG

(kamgue olivier)


A très bientôt pour +d'infos rugby. @+


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